How to fail

Janardhan Pulivarthi
2 min readApr 15, 2022


The art of failure.

Author note: I want you to succeed. I want you to be a person who is inspired to make well thought out choices. This article is to see other side of the mountains. Please do not read, if you feel discomfort. Discretion advised.

Why am I writing this article on how to fail, but not on success. There is enough information on the internet on how to thrive. Here is the catch to be successful is not always the state we need to reach. I want to say that failure does not take away what we are. In pursuit of success, we might forget how to fail, hence writing it down. I am sure you all have regrets about why you did succeed in some endeavors.

Do not start. The best way to fail. How not to start. Here are the steps:
Think, imagine, dream and forget about it. Once again, when you get the goal crosses your mind, repeat the cycle. Why bother about how to execute it with a well thought out plan or at least some plan?.

Do it half-hearted. Do it with your heart telling — what is the point?. Who cares when I do what I do without diligence. Spread your attention all over the place. Do not focus. Why focus? — when we can get away with occasional sparks. Do not sharpen the tools of the craft. Do not sharpen, do not improve your skillset, do not learn any new method, and do not experiment.

Lose self-worth. Compare yourselves to others is the first step to failure. If you want to compare to others, you need to develop a determined ability to see yourself as unique — which I think we are not capable of in one lifetime (you can if you want, one way is if you accept yourself as you are). To fail without fail, compare yourself with every life aspect of the other person.

Create boundaries. Do not go beyond where you live. Do not attempt to go beyond what you know as you are. Do not question yourself why you are where you are. You learned or experienced something that shaped how you think. So, do not change what you have in your mind unless a disaster strikes that forces you to change.

Compete with loved ones. See relationships as competitions. Call when your sister only when she calls you. Do not initiate a conversation with people else we look needy. So, live life thinking it is their fault or loss that they did not start a dialogue with “your majesty” (no pun intended).

Treat money as everything. Money is a way to measure the value of goods and services for easy exchange. It is relative. But, take money at its face value without understanding the underlying concept that money is not an absolute value in itself. This way, you already misunderstood it. Let us go a step further and mismanage money. How do you mishandle it? — it will just happen if you do not pay attention. Hence, there it is, a freebie to failure.